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Becoming a Successful Change Agent: A Reflection on Two Years

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2010 by derrickmgreen

As I reflect upon, not only, the last eight weeks of this particular class but also the two years that I have been working on this program, I feel as though my professional attitude is more driven and my aptitude (particular with technology inclusion) is sounder. From this particular class I have gained knowledge of how to seek out, research, and evaluate emerging technologies and technological trends. I now feel I can be a strong voice in judging the educational merit or potential of various technological innovations.  Also, I have a greater ability to justify the use of technology in the classroom with educational research that is trusted and has been relied upon for decades when making instructional changes to the learning environment.

            The final assignment of this course has given me the opportunity to being developing strong, research-based arguments in defense of technological inclusion in the classroom. One of the many pitfalls educators face, when trying to incorporate new technology in classes, is a general overwhelming apprehension to include emerging tools. This apprehension prevents educational experimentation and limits implementation of tools that could be incredibly influential on a child’s academic development. However, after working to develop a cohesive, technologically-inclusive lesson plan, as well as a report detailing the research justifying uses of such technology, I feel that I can adequately defend against any foundational apprehension found within my school and district and influence policy to include more experimentation and implementation of technological goals. This assignment also demonstrates my understanding of the research, both technological and learning, and how it fundamentally determines the usefulness of various technological tools with students.

            Through completing this course of study, I now know that I am prepared to be a strong and literate voice within my school for technological change and implementation.  No longer will I sit and merely observe the heated conversations between those that want more technology and those that resist change. I will use the resources at my disposal, stay up-to-date on the most recent educational/technology research, and remain active on discussion boards, websites, and other digital forums to continually educate myself on the uses of new technology and their researched justifications.  Further, next academic year, I am forming a new technology committee in my school. This committee’s sole purpose will be to explore a new technology each month, evaluate its usefulness, and design sample lesson plans for each course of study to help the other teachers in my building more easily acclimate to the new tool.  Within this committee I will share research that I have read throughout this course, as well as new research I discover, suggest new and emerging technological tools for study and implementation, and move the discussion within my school to center on 21st century skills to ensure that future success of all of our students.

            Overall, I feel that this final class in my Master’s studies has greatly enhanced my understanding of the new technologies right over the horizon.  Through the various discussions with equally interested classmates, guidance from an engaged instructor, and a diligence to stretch my own understanding of, sometimes complicated, subjects, I feel incredibly prepared to begin the next academic year with a clear goal of including technology in classrooms that transform the learning experience, prepares students, and promotes a greater sense of creativity in all.