GAME plan conclusion and wrap-up

          Over the course of the past seven weeks, I have dedicated myself to reaching towards two specific goals while following the GAME plan outlined in week one of my Masters in Technology Integration course.  Although I did struggle to continue to work towards my specific goals, particularly when it seemed as though I was not progressing as quickly as I would have hoped, at the end I have found the entire process to be enlightening and helpful, not only in my own life, but in the lives of my students as well. By following the GAME plan I was given a template of steps to follow. This template served as my guidepost and ensured that I reflected upon my various actions and changed course, when necessary, to reach my goals. Even though I am still working towards these goals after seven weeks, the overall experience has been positive and I have learned a lot about myself and the way that I approach a challenge. The reflective exercises within the GAME plan are a must for any individual seeking to create real change in their professional life and, particularly, for any educator, this plan can not only assist in reaching professional goals but also help students to reach curriculum and classroom goals as well. The GAME plan, in a modified form, allows students to monitor their own behavior, self-select academic goals to accomplish, and provides a framework, with the educators, of support and guidance.

              More so than the GAME plan, I feel that the technological tools and techniques presented within this course have given me a plethora or resources that I can rely upon to assist my students in meeting curriculum expectations. From the various multimedia tools that can engage students with interactive learning and digital creation to the technologies that assist educators in gathering important data and using said data for instruction, my students will be presented with the most up-to-date technological tools to help them learn and grow. One of the most influential changes that this class will have on my professional life is a dedication to seeing these technologies, not only in my own classroom, but in classrooms throughout my school. The real benefit of technology is its ability to connect students from diverse populations and allow them to collaborate, learn, and grow.  Overall, this class has shown me even greater benefits to technological integrations than I had ever realized before and will assist me through the upcoming years of my professional life in helping students and ensuring their individual and group success.

     Finally, as I finish my time in this class, I find that I am more invigorated and energized to experiment, using data-driven decision-making processes, with new technologies in an effort to assist all of my students. With all of the support this class has offered, combined with the GAME plan’s model of goal setting and monitoring, I feel much more comfortable using technological tools to allow my students to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts creatively. With the inclusion of new technologies and my guidance as a facilitator of learning, my students can explore their unique learning styles, develop creative representations of their understandings and reach, even perhaps surpass, the curriculum’s goals as well as their own.  I look forward to the final weeks of this school year and the beginning of the next and all of the new, unique lessons that my students will be exposed to. Hopefully, with all that I have learned and come to understand over these past eight weeks, my students will leave their 8th grade Language Arts classes prepared for the academically challenging future that awaits them.


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