GAME PLAN in the classroom

Over the past six weeks I have been focused on completing two goals using the GAME plan method. Overall I have found this experience to be incredibly helpful in keeping me focused and on track to completing goals that will not only help me become a better educator but help my students succeed in both the short and long term. Having experienced this process for many weeks now, I feel that I am comfortable enough to begin incorporating the process within my won classroom to help my students reach curriculum and technological goals. From what I have learned during my experience I feel that the best way to include the GAME plan in my classroom is at the beginning of any major, long-term project. Any project introduced will be linked to curriculum indicators and objectives. These projects will require students to display understanding of material as well as mastery of concept/idea. The GAME plan will come in as I ask students to develop two goals that they wish to accomplish during their completion of the project that incorporate technology/digital citizenship. I will provide my students with copies of the 2007 NETS-S standards for students and challenge them to push themselves further by choosing a goal and reaching for it. I will incorporate a learning journal within any project that asks students to document their progress, similar to the last few postings on this blog. Students will be frequently asked to reflect on their actions and be given the opportunity to change course if they feel it is required. As students reflect on their progress, both on their NET-S goals and the assigned project, students will have the opportunity to communicate with myself and other students to voice concerns, celebrate accomplishments, and assist one another in reaching their goals. I feel that the GAME plan lends itself to the classroom environment and provides students with both guidance and steps to follow to reach a goal, as well as, the independence to self-select goals and choose the path to reach them.


5 Responses to “GAME PLAN in the classroom”

  1. I completely agree with you that the use of the GAME plan really keeps you focused and organized on reaching your goals. Not only is it motivating, I think it also helps to break down the goals into smaller pieces so that it is more manageable with our hectic schedules. In the classroom, my students and I set goals on a daily basis to focus their learning. It is quite motivating for them as well. With implementing the GAME plan into your classroom, I like how you are having the students focus on their goals rather than setting the goals for them. I am sure this will prove to be much more motivating for the students, and they will take pride in reaching their goals. Good luck with this process!

  2. Hi Derrick,

    I agree that it is a great idea to have students create a GAME Plan journal so your students can document their progress. This will be a wonderful source of reference for them and will allow them to observed what methods worked in the past when deciding how to achieve new knowledge and goals. Do you plan to have your students start these journals this school year?


  3. This sounds like a great way to incorporate the GAME plan with your students. I like the idea of the learning journal on the blog because this helps the students learn to be reflective about their work. I also think it is great that you plan to show the students the NETS-S standards. This will show help them to understand what they are expected to be able to do in the future. Good luck implementing this plan with your students!

  4. I like your idea of a game plan journal. I would love to have my students have a game plan blog, but I do not know if they could get into the lab. I also never even thought of sharing the NETS-S standards. Great ideas! Thank you and Good Luck!

  5. Derrick,
    You have some very good ideas to incorporate the GAME Plan in your classroom smoothly. I think that we all have used the GAME Plan in our life without knowing its name, but now we have already learned about it and that makes our progress more noticable for us. Nice post and great ideas. Good Luck.

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