GAME PLAN: week six

This week, as I continue working on my GAME plan, Mother Nature has interrupted and prevented some progress. However, I still continue to push onward and attempt to reach my goals.

What have you learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice?

Working towards reaching both of my goals has given me greater perspective on the possible positive aspects of online collaboration between my students and other classrooms from around the country and the world. My various communications with other educators in my local and national community has provided me with many ideas of how to enhance my current lessons with greater collaboration as well as more meaningful communicative experiences between my own students and others. From this I have already begun to modify lessons and develop a collaborative writing unit between my students and others.

What goals are you still working toward?

I still continue to work toward enhancing the level of technology within my own school. I have received an unintended amount of push-back from other educators as well as educational leaders within my school and district. I attribute some of this to the poor economic conditions currently as well as a hesitation to see technology as the learning tool that it can truly be. I am still dedicated to working toward this goal; however, I feel that I must double-down on my efforts in order to see any real change take place.

Based on the NETS-T, what new learning goals will you set for yourself?

Currently, given my previously outlined goals that I have been working toward, I am dedicating my self to learning as much as I can about collaborative learning and writing. I find this to be a fascinating technological tool that has the possibility of greatly impacting my students and allowing them to discover the great writer that lies within each of them. Starting this week I have begun researching how effectively this tool has been used in other language arts classrooms and am learning about the process of beginning implementation.

What learning approaches will you try next time to improve your learning?

In order to improve my learning I am going to focus less on peer-reviewed research studies and focus more on interpersonal communication with my educational peers within my physical and online community. I feel that I will benefit greatly from speaking one-on-one with fellow educators who have either been in the same position I find myself now or have faced similar challenges and obstacles and have developed new and unique methods to overcome them.


2 Responses to “GAME PLAN: week six”

  1. I am not surprised to hear about the push-back from other educators and administrators in your district. Most people believe that in order to use technology safely, it will cost the school money. Maybe presenting them with the many free opportunities that are available for use, such as wikis, will open their eyes to the opportunities available that cost nothing. Good luck with changing the minds in your district!

  2. I know what you mean about mother nature. If I see more snow I am going to scream. I really want green grass and red tulips.

    I agree that you should focus less on the peer reviewed research. Sometimes we all need to step out of our comfort zones.

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