GAME Plan con’t

As of the beginning of this week, I continue to work towards my goals but still struggle with the realization that this will be a longer process that I had originally intended.

How effective were your actions in helping you meet your goals? 

-The communication lines that I have set up between myself and educational leaders at other schools have been very effective. I have begun to coordinate with other English teachers and have started to, roughly, design what a cross-school, diversity-centered, technologically driven lesson would look like and how it would function within the confines of the technology available at both schools.

-I have continued to read and acquire research articles with peer-reviewed findings showing the effects of technology in the classroom. I have also acquired the assistance of the staff development teacher at my school to assist me in the endeavor of sharing this research with the staff.

What have you learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice? 

-Instructionally, I have learned that various forms of technology, no matter the set up or format, cannot be placed in a classroom at random. Technology only has the research-based benefits on school-aged children when the technology is infused within the lesson and therefore allows students to express their creativity and mastery. As I continue to develop lessons for my own classroom I will work diligently on creating learning experiences that enhance my students understanding through the beneficial uses of technology.

What do you still have to learn? What new questions have arisen?

– While my acquisition of various research studies has been helpful, I still need to learn how to best convey this information to educational leaders and staff within my district. Unfortunately, there tends to be a technological numbness that sets in when the same people hear about the same types of benefits that technology can offer in the classroom. I need to seek out new ways in which to communicate my understanding of the situation effectively.

-How will you adjust your plan to fit your current needs?

– Given the preceding information, I will adjust my plan by focusing less time and energy on seeking out new research showing the benefits of technology and now dedicate that time to develop a presentation that will not only engage leaders within my school, but also develop a proactive motivation within them to assist me in this effort.


2 Responses to “GAME Plan con’t”

  1. I think that your observation about technology not being beneficial to students unless it is “infused within a lesson” is very true. If we do not show the students the purpose of using the technologies in the classroom, then often the technology’s usefulness is lost on the students. What technology tools have you been infusing into your lessons?

    I understand your frustration with your district leaders and their unwillingness to listen to the importance of technology tools in the classroom. It is my experience that many leaders who have been in the field for 30+ years are less likely to want to adjust district policies relating to technology. This is not always true, but I have found it to be true often. Good luck in developing an attention-getting presentation!

  2. Sounds as if you are well on your way. I agree, there has to be a time when we stop reading the research and jump in and integrate that technology. JUST DO IT!

    I think we all have those struggles with administrators and technology. We need to stop and realize they are busy and I believe the way to get them to notice is to start the integration and get our kids so excited about learning they will be loud when they do not have it. 🙂

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