GAME PLAN update

It has been over two weeks since I outlined my GAME PLAN for this year and, as of now, I feel as though I am making progress on my goals and working through the steps in order to accomplish each.

Are you finding the information and resources you need?

Overall I am very happy with the amount of information that I have been able to find throughout my research. The internet has provided vast amounts of research-based data with which I can use to continue to work towards my goals. Also, I have been in communication with co-workers as well with other educational professionals within my district who have provided me with a plethora of information and ideas to help me reach my goals. Many of the professionals that I have spoken with have been helpful and more than willing to assist in my endeavor.

Do you need to modify your action plan?

As of right now, I feel that my action plan is on-track and acceptable. Although initially, after designing my plan, I felt as though I would not have much success towards reaching my goals, I have discovered, over the past two weeks, that there are a multitude of resources for professional educators and all it takes is time to sort through the information and patience to develop the human connections to make progress.

What have you learned so far?

Thus far I have learned a great deal about the benefits of technology in the classroom. Many research studies that I have read expound upon the positive affects that technology can have on student motivation, student product development and student engagement within the classroom. I have begun to share this research at monthly staff meetings and weekly department meetings to attempt to influence the decision making with my school. Also, through the communication that I have begun to have with other educators at various schools throughout the country, I have begun to understand just how important inter-cultural communication can be. Although my goal is to help my students connect with students of other diverse cultures, using technology, the discussions I have had with other educators regarding the development of such communication has led to great idea sharing and greater lesson development within my own classroom. I have started to incorporate more diverse texts into my curriculum, upon recommendation, and have been working to develop projects that expose my students to various other cultures.

What new questions have arisen?

As of now, the new questions that have arisen are research-based. As I look over the various scholarly journals and research studies that debate the impact of technology within the classroom, I am forced to seek out alternative points of view, particularly if the data used within the study does not appear sufficient. Since the topic of technology in the classroom is so highly-debated, I have found myself reading similar studies that come to wildly different conclusions. Through the reading of such studies, I have been forced to research even deeper to better understand the various affects technology has had on other students to better inform my school leadership and co-workers.


One Response to “GAME PLAN update”

  1. It sounds as if your plan is coming together. I agree about the research. It is difficult to find the research we are looking for. I think it is a good study when you are encouraged to seek out more. Have you started a discussion in the teacher lounge yet?

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