In order to complete my GAME plan and effectively meet my pre-set goals, I have to ensure that I have all the appropriate resources and information necessary.

Resources Needed

Initially, to complete my plan I will need to communicate with experts in the fields of 21st century technologies, Web 2.0 systems, 1-to-1 laptop program directors, as well as scholarly researchers within each of these fields that can provide me with the data necessary to bring to meetings to influence the decision-making processes within my school. I will also have to confer with my direct colleagues within my building as well as other colleagues with my district, state, and regional school systems. Each of these experts will provide invaluable resources and information as I work to convince my school that 21st century technologies are necessary in today’s educational environment. Also, each of these resources can provide me with tools and techniques to help the others within my school to become more technologically literate and begin to include more technology into their lessons and outcomes. Finally, I will need to contact various Language Arts department heads from around my region to begin to establish relationships and develop an idea bank for how to creative culturally-relevant connections between my own students and others.

Information Needed

Beyond the resources of the various types mentioned above, I will also require scholarly information to ensure that each decision I make and action I take is data-driven and research based. Such information will come from research studies detailed in the most-recent educational research journals. Also, staying up-to-date on the newest technologies coming into the classroom will allow me to remain ahead-of-the-curve when lobbying for new technologies with my school.

Steps Taken

Although it has only been a few days since I first outlined my GAME plan I have already been able to take comprehensive steps toward reaching my goals. I have become a member of various educational technology related websites such as; eschoolnews, (From Now On),, and Websites such as these provide an invaluable resource basis for educators looking to strengthen their technological prowess as well as provide weekly e-newsletters with links to the latest research articles and real-life stories of teachers using technology effectively to promote student engagement and understanding. I have also been contacting various principals and assistant principals from various neighboring schools that are more culturally-diverse than my own to establish relationships and begin communication with other middle school Language Arts teachers. Finally, I have been keeping a log of all my contacts and information gathered that has allowed me to reflect on what I have done and make decisions for how to move forward. Although this is a long process, it has been enjoyable so far and I look forward to seeing how much I can accomplish in the coming weeks.


4 Responses to “GAME PLAN RESOURCES”

  1. Ben Harreld Says:

    Have any of the websites you signed up for proved useful? It seems many times when I am looking at sites like the ones you mentioned, wading through all the junk to find anything useful is a pain.

  2. In school districts today, we need people like you to fight for bringing the newest technology to the forefront of education. Teaching using technologies will give today’s students the knowledge of the tools that they will need to be successful citizens in society. I like your idea for 1-to-1 laptops in the classroom. Since money is such an issue for schools in society today, perhaps there is someone in your district that you could talk to about finding and applying for grants to receive the laptops? I know that in my district we have had a shortage of funding and the first thing that they took money from was technology. Even though my school was slated to receive new computers for the 2009-2010 school year, we did not receive them because of the cut-backs. I am sure there are many grants out there that can help you achieve your goals!

  3. WOW! Sounds as if you have a great start. I believe that you will find many valuable resources in the websites you signed up for. I have been a member of a few of them. I was not familiar with I looked at the resources and think I will find it helpful to reach my goals. Thanks for sharing!

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